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Song recording is a career that attracts the attention of a lot of people. Colt Blumenthal,  (his website is an SAE alumnus with a 4.0 GPA, is credited as a sound engineer. He has been a freelancer for a sizable amount of time. Although he is located in New York, he travels to many states as a freelancer. He loves music dearly and passionately, and by toiling in the background as a master recorder, he has achieved his goal of working in the music industry. It’s crucial to pay attention to the notes, balance them, and judge whether or not everything sounds good when recording a song, which is not as simple a process as it might first appear to be. By working more, he hopes to improve his abilities in this field. 

Colt (MixedbyColt) has recorded many songs and one of them is the sensational song Used to be by Lucky Daye for the album Candy Drip. One day Colt received a call to record the song of Lucky Daye for the album Candy Drip at Chalice Recording Studios which is located in Los Angeles. He immediately seized this opportunity and agreed to the recording of the song. The song used to be recorded by Colt Blumenthal (MixedbyColt) and is featured in the album Candy Drip. This album is famous on various platforms including Spotify and YouTube. As a freelancer, this turned out to be a good opportunity for Colt as he got to discover other states and worked with new people to broader his horizon. This song was on the trending chart list in the UK and the USA.  Colt along with others works so hard day and night to meet the deadline. Colt (MixedbyColt) recorded many other songs for this album. However, this was selected to be added not only as a track rather used as a promotional track which was released before the release of the album. 

Prior to this, Colt contributed to Juice Wrld’s posthumous album. One of the well-known tracks from the album “Legends Never Die” by Juice Wrld, Man of the Year, was mixed with help from Colt. He was the song’s assistant mixer, and the song continues to be on Spotify’s Top Chart list. This song was on the charts not just in the US but also in the UK. Man of the Year, which Cole assisted in mixing, was one of the tracks on this posthumously released album that succeeded in grabbing the attention of music fans. 

Colt also recorded the song Blam Boom by the rising artist Nardo Wick. Nardo Wick has become a sensation because of his rap and music. Nardo Wick is a rapper from Jacksonville, Florida. In the year 2021, he became a top name in the rap industry after the official deal with RCA records. Colt got a chance to work with rising talent and proved his talent. 

In addition to these works, he has also worked with DJ Scheme, Skrillex, and Zacari on the song Homesick which is the opening track of the studio album Family. Colt also recorded this song at one of the famous recording studios Shangri-La. The interesting thing is that Colt (MixedbyColt) started working during college. He didn’t spare his time by studying only but invested his learning by working in the studio all night long. Those long night hours sessions helped in getting the attention of people and right after graduation, he was able to get himself busy with his creative work, and the result is in front of us as he is working with different artists for the recording for their songs. Colt’s Instagram is @mixedbycolt and website is

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