Unraveling the Genius: Lyrics of “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott

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Unraveling the Genius: Lyrics of “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott

Dive into the captivating lyrics of “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott. Explore the hidden meanings, unique style, and the cultural impact of this iconic rap anthem.


Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” is more than just a song; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Released in 2018 as part of his “Astroworld” album, this track has taken the hip-hop world by storm. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dissect the lyrics of “Sicko Mode,” exploring its artistic depth and the influence it has had on the rap scene.

Lyrics Sicko Mode Travis Scott

“Lyrics Sicko Mode Travis Scott” – this keyword has been on the lips of rap enthusiasts for years. Let’s start by breaking down the lyrics section by section, dissecting the intricate storytelling, and uncovering the lyrical genius behind this chart-topping hit.

Section 1: Astro, Yeah

The song kicks off with the iconic line, “Astro, yeah.” But what does it mean? Travis Scott, whose real name is Jacques Webster II, cleverly uses “Astro” as a reference to Houston, his hometown. It’s a nod to the AstroWorld theme park that he frequented as a child. This sets the stage for a trip down memory lane.

Lyrics of “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott

Section 2: Sun Is Down, Freezing Cold

In this section, the lyrics vividly describe the harsh Houston weather. “Sun is down, freezing cold” paints a picture of a city where the temperature drops drastically after sunset. It’s not just about the weather; it’s about the chilling realities of life in his hometown.

Section 3: That’s a Real Night

Travis Scott’s lyrical prowess shines as he raps about the authenticity of the night scene in Houston. He’s not just talking about parties; he’s highlighting the realness of the experiences, the struggles, and the street life that he and many others have faced.

Section 4: They Gonna Tell the Story

Here, Scott hints at the idea that the night’s events will become legendary stories. He acknowledges that the tales of their adventures will be told for years to come, cementing their place in Houston’s folklore.

Section 5: Was Off the Remy, Had a Papoose

This section delves into personal experiences. Travis mentions being under the influence of Remy Martin, a type of cognac, and Papoose, a reference to a well-known New York rapper. It’s a snapshot of his life at that moment, his influences, and his journey.

Section 6: Had to Hit My Old Town

Travis Scott pays homage to his roots by revisiting his “Old Town.” This line reflects his emotional connection to Houston, his past, and the people who have shaped his life.

Section 7: The Duffle Bag’s So Big

In this section, Scott boasts about the size of his duffle bag, a metaphor for his success and the wealth he’s accumulated. It’s a testament to his rise in the rap game and the rewards of his hard work.

Section 8: It’s Lit

This phrase, “It’s Lit,” is synonymous with Travis Scott’s concerts and music. It’s his way of saying that the party, the performance, or the moment is extraordinary and unforgettable.

Section 9: LaFerrari to Jamba Juice

Travis Scott’s lyrics often feature stark contrasts. Here, he goes from a high-end sports car, the LaFerrari, to something as mundane as a Jamba Juice. It’s a reflection of the extravagant and down-to-earth aspects of his life.

Section 10: Young LaFlame, He in Sicko Mode

“LaFlame” is one of Travis Scott’s nicknames, emphasizing his fiery and passionate approach to music. “Sicko Mode” represents the unpredictable nature of his life and career, where anything can happen.

Section 11: Woo

This might seem like a simple interjection, but in the context of the song, it’s a vocal expression of excitement and anticipation. It’s a way for Travis Scott to amp up the energy of the track.

Section 12: Made This Here With All the Ice on in the Booth

This line highlights the dedication and hard work that goes into creating music. “All the ice on” suggests that despite the distractions and luxuries around him, he’s focused on his craft.

Section 13: At the Gate Outside

Travis Scott’s lyrics often paint vivid scenes. Here, he sets the stage at the gate, building anticipation for what’s about to unfold.

Section 14: When They Pull Up, They Get Me Loose

This section is a reference to his performances. When the crowd arrives, he lets loose, giving his all to entertain and connect with his fans.

Section 15: Yeah, Jump Out Boys, That’s Nike Boys

Here, Travis Scott references “Jump Out Boys,” which can be interpreted as the police. He then mentions “Nike Boys,” suggesting that he and his crew are always on the move, just like the Nike logo.

Section 16: Hoppin’ Out Coors Way, This Shit Way Too Big

The mention of “Coors Way” hints at Travis Scott’s extravagant lifestyle. Everything around him is on a grand scale, emphasizing his success.

Section 17: When We Pull Up, Give Me the Loot

Travis Scott’s lyrics often incorporate elements of hip-hop culture. “Give me the loot” is a nod to the Notorious B.I.G.’s iconic line, infusing the track with a sense of homage.

Section 18: (Was Off the Remy, Had a Papoose)

This repetition brings us back to the earlier mention of Remy and Papoose, underscoring their significance in that moment.

Section 19: Had to Hit My Old Town

Repeating this line reinforces the importance of Travis Scott’s connection to his hometown and the memories it holds.

Section 20: (It’s Lit)

Again, the repetition of “It’s Lit” emphasizes the electrifying atmosphere he creates in his music and performances.

Section 21: 2-4 Hour Lockdown, We Made No Moves

Travis Scott isn’t afraid to touch on real issues. This line hints at the challenges he’s faced, including the law enforcement scrutiny he’s encountered.

Section 22: Now It’s 4 AM and I’m Back Up Poppin’ with the Crew

The lyrics transition to the late hours of the night, where Travis Scott and his crew are still going strong, defying exhaustion.

Section 23: I Just Landed in, Chase B Mix This Pop Like Jamba Juice

This section showcases the behind-the-scenes work. Chase B, a DJ and producer closely associated with Travis Scott, is mentioned, highlighting the collaborative nature of the music industry.

Section 24: Different Colored Chains, Think My Jeweler Really Sells Ice

Travis Scott’s eclectic fashion sense is well-known. He’s not just wearing any chains; they’re “different colored,” reflecting his unique style.

Section 25: Rollin’ Stones, That’s Too Much Sauce

The mention of “Rollin’ Stones” adds a rock ‘n’ roll vibe to the rap track, while “too much sauce” is an expression of swagger and confidence.


Q: What is the significance of “Astro” in the song? A: “Astro” is a reference to Houston, Travis Scott’s hometown, and specifically to the AstroWorld theme park, a place of nostalgia and inspiration for him.

Q: Why does Travis Scott mention “Remy” and “Papoose” in the lyrics? A: Travis Scott is reflecting on his life at that moment. “Remy” refers to Remy Martin cognac, and “Papoose” is a reference to a well-known rapper, indicating his influences.

Q: What’s the meaning behind “It’s Lit” in the song? A: “It’s Lit” is a phrase synonymous with Travis Scott’s concerts and music. It signifies an electrifying and unforgettable moment.

Q: Why does Travis Scott repeat certain lines in the song? A: Repetition is a common lyrical technique. Travis Scott uses it to emphasize key points and create a memorable rhythm.

Q: What’s the connection between Travis Scott and “Jump Out Boys”? A: “Jump Out Boys” can be interpreted as the police. Travis Scott mentions it in the context of his crew always being on the move, like the Nike logo.

Q: Why does Travis Scott reference “Notorious B.I.G.” in the song? A: It’s a homage to hip-hop culture. “Give me the loot” is a famous line from Notorious B.I.G.’s music.


Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” is a lyrical masterpiece that takes listeners on a journey through his life, experiences, and hometown. Each section of the song has its own story to tell, contributing to the overall narrative. As we’ve unraveled the genius behind the lyrics, it’s clear that “Sicko Mode” isn’t just a song; it’s an artistic triumph and a cultural touchstone in the world of rap.

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