Rayshaun Hastings is Making Waves in the Music Industry

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Rayshaun Hastings

The creative individual genius who is continuously growing and leading to Funknab Entertainment, Rayshaun Hastings, has become a great entrepreneur in the field of music industry. The first and foremost goal of Rayshaun is to create a reputation around the world in the sector of music industry. He has been in the field of recording for nearly 2 decades. Till now he has released 37 staggering albums on his own record label and 3 with the help of big recording companies.His accomplishment story is full of adventures and his melodies are full of rotations, turns and as well as lots of funky experiences.

If we start talking about one of his greatest achievements is when he partnered up with Sony Records’ music sub-label, The Orchard, which incorporates Rhino Media & Ingrooves, a Universal Music Group. Rayshaun has achieved new heights because of this relationship, and his upcoming third major label is on its way to shake the music industry . “The Unfavorables,” his breakthrough major label first album, became a huge hit and established the way for his upcoming initiatives.

When we see the Billboard charts, the only name of Rayshaun’s music is shining like a sun and has also made waves on the Billboard charts, two of the songs ended as chart toppers named ‘Where You From Ohio’ and ‘THE Old Me Is Gone,’. His recently released double album under the independent label FunkNab, shows his unique as well as inventiveness to music. The other great thing is he is working on a documentary called ‘Man Behind the Legacy,’ and because of this documentary viewers can know about his life.

But Rayshaun’s ambition is more than we think; it just doesn’t end with music. He is also a great entrepreneur and is also venturing with his globally distributed energy drink, DaSauce. The energy drink is DaSauce is a company that promotes a lifestyle with the objective toward becoming an acknowledged wellness supplement that has received approval from the FDA. It is more than simply an energy beverage. 

Now, let me give you a little bit of information  about his upcoming album, ‘Personal,’ which is set to be released on June 24, 2024, which is just an example or we can say a sample of his artistic ability and his work. The album is basically  featuring Ohio hip-hop legend Blac, ‘Personal’ is more than just an album; it’s a reflection of Rayshaun’s journey and a celebration of life.

Rayshaun constitutes an entrepreneur and professional musician also in addition to being a brand ambassador for DaSauce, which at first motivates people to make the most of existence every day to the fullest. Rayshaun Hastings encompasses a staggering range of skills as well as engaging personality that contribute to making him an unparalleled competitor in the musical entertainment industry as well as internationally.

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