YOUNG-2DA joins forces with KayCyy Pluto on a new release: “Hype You”

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YOUNG-2DA is a rap artist with a truly unique background. From the streets of Brooklyn, New York, to signing with Mike Tyson’s label at just 17 years old, he has been on a true journey and still shows no sign of slowing down. He just dropped “Hype You,” a new collaboration with artist KayCyy Pluto. The song highlights the diverse approach of both artists, and it’s immediately impactful due to its energetic and modern rap sound.

This latest release displays exceptional production skills and a remarkable performance by YOUNG-2DA, showcasing fearlessness in infusing the music with a ton of energy and raw emotion, genuinely setting it ablaze. KayCyy Pluto nailed it, bringing his signature twist to the track and taking it all to a higher level. The synergy between the two is outstanding, and “Hype You” is all the more immersive and punchy because of it. This brings a lot of variety to the song, making it an even more engaging listening experience for the audience. The instrumental introduction has a keyboard pattern that has a funky and soulful flavor, bringing instant good vibes to the audience. The drum parts have a modern vibe, with a trap-inspired sound and a crunchy tone that cuts through the mix but still leaves enough room for the vocals to unfold.

The lyrical flow is on point. The performances are well executed and feel organic and spontaneous from the start. When the vocals lock in with the beat, you always sense that everything belongs together more intuitively, and this definitely happens here! The singing is so perfectly tuned to the vibe and mood of the instrumental. In other words, some rappers sound like they’re trying to keep up with the beat; others own it. This is the second case here, as “Hype You” is a memorable song showcasing both artists’ skills and abilities. Find out more about YOUNG-2DA and KayCyy Pluto, and do not miss out on this release, which is available on some of the best digital streaming services.






Hype You – Youtube Video Link:–s?si=9p5zxQtfL47XQOVf

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