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Prepare to be mesmerized by the dynamic collaboration between singer-songwriter Ashley Paul and Ritchie Neville, the renowned member of the UK boy band “Five.” Alongside acclaimed producer Liam Keegan, they are about to unveil their highly anticipated single, “Bingo Baby.” This electrifying track emerged from a serendipitous encounter in Liverpool, where sparks of creativity ignited a musical fire.

The Birth of “Bingo Baby”

The birth of this extraordinary collaboration can be traced back to a casual lunch conversation, where Ashley Paul and Ritchie Neville found themselves discussing the popular event series, Bongo’s Bingo. In a moment of pure inspiration, Ashley blurted out the words “Bingo Baby,” and the entire concept fell into place. This chance encounter, facilitated by the talented Jason Dauman of Dauman Music, marked the beginning of a creative journey that promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

Studio Magic and Creative Synergy

The studio became a magical space where Ashley Paul and Ritchie Neville’s talents seamlessly merged. “We went straight from our lunch to the studio, and the song practically wrote itself,” reminisces Ritchie. The effortless flow of ideas and the vibrant energy that permeated the room left both artists in awe. Ashley Paul describes the studio atmosphere as “playful yet professional,” a testament to the mutual respect and admiration they shared. Additionally, Ashley had the privilege of collaborating with the esteemed vocal producer, Jackie’s Boy, a Grammy winner who has worked with icons like Madonna and Lil Wayne. Jackie’s Boy couldn’t help but praise Ashley’s exceptional vocal ability, finding it both refreshing and awe-inspiring.

Musical Alchemy and Future Endeavors

The fusion of Ashley Paul’s dynamic vocal energy, Ritchie Neville’s songwriting prowess, and Liam Keegan’s production skills resulted in a track that is not only infectious and playful but also a testament to their collective artistry. This collaboration has left both artists hungry for more, with plans for future studio sessions already in the works, set to take place in early 2024.

About the Artists

Ritchie Neville: As a member of the iconic band “Five,” Ritchie Neville has sold over 20 million records worldwide, boasting four number one albums and a collection of prestigious awards. Currently involved in “The 998” project, Ritchie is gearing up to release their second single, “Redline.”

Ashley Paul: Recognized for her soulful lyrics and captivating melodies, Ashley Paul has made a name for herself in the Dance music and EDM scene. With four top ten hits in the UK in less than two years, including “Come n Get Me,” “Feel Your Fire,” “Yo No Se,” and “Love Light Me Up,” Ashley is set to grace the stage at the LeeStock Festival and embark on a series of performances throughout the UK summer of 2024. Moreover, she has exciting collaborations lined up with the renowned Luv Foundation, Melissa Manchester (“Whisper Surrender”), and freestyle artist Corina (“Shine” and “Ribbons”) in collaboration with Damon Sharpe, all slated for release in 2024.

“Bingo Baby” – A New Musical Journey

“Bingo Baby” is a playful and exhilarating track that encapsulates the essence of a spontaneous burst of creativity. It invites listeners to let go and immerse themselves in the moment. With its upcoming release on [date], the single will be available on all major streaming platforms, poised to become a staple in playlists worldwide.

For More Information:

To stay updated on Ashley Paul and Ritchie Neville’s musical journey and to learn more about “Bingo Baby,” follow Ashley on Instagram [@official_ashley_paul]. You can also visit for the latest updates. Stay tuned for the special MTV feature and the fresh animation video accompanying the single.

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