Boris Johnson Net Worth 2023: A Closer Look at the British Prime Minister’s Finances

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Boris Johnson Net Worth: A Closer Look at the British Prime Minister’s Finances


Boris Johnson, the enigmatic figure at the helm of British politics, has garnered immense attention not only for his political career but also for his personal finances. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the intriguing world of Boris Johnson’s net worth. From his early life to his rise in politics and financial disclosures, we will leave no stone unturned. So, let’s begin our journey to unravel the financial tapestry of Boris Johnson.

Early Life and Education

Boris Johnson was born in New York City in 1964, but his family soon relocated to the United Kingdom. He received his education at Eton College, a prestigious boarding school, followed by studying classics at Balliol College, Oxford. Although he was born into privilege, Johnson’s early years did not foreshadow the vast wealth he would accumulate later in life.

Boris Johnson Net Worth 2023

Entering the World of Journalism

After completing his education, Boris Johnson ventured into journalism. He worked for several prominent publications, including The Times and The Daily Telegraph. His writing style, often characterized by wit and humor, made him a recognizable figure in the media landscape.

A Foray into Politics

Boris Johnson’s transition from journalism to politics marked a turning point in his life. He joined the Conservative Party and was elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Henley in 2001. This was the beginning of a political journey that would eventually lead him to the highest office in the United Kingdom.

Mayor of London

In 2008, Boris Johnson assumed the role of Mayor of London, a position he held for two terms until 2016. During his tenure, he became known for his distinctive leadership style and his ambitious infrastructure projects, such as the “Boris Bikes” scheme and the construction of the Emirates Air Line cable car.

The Brexit Campaign

One of the most pivotal moments in Boris Johnson’s political career was his role in the Brexit campaign. He emerged as a leading figure in the campaign to leave the European Union, galvanizing support with his charismatic and passionate speeches.

Prime Ministerial Ascent

In July 2019, Boris Johnson achieved his long-cherished goal of becoming the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His tenure has been marked by a series of challenges, including managing the country through the COVID-19 pandemic and navigating the complex post-Brexit landscape.

Boris Johnson’s Net Worth: Unraveling the Figures

Now, let’s turn our attention to the main subject of our inquiry: Boris Johnson’s net worth. While it is challenging to ascertain the exact figures due to the intricate nature of his finances, various estimates have been made.

According to the latest available information, Boris Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of £1 million to £2 million. This primarily stems from his earnings as a writer, journalist, and politician.

Income Sources

  1. Political Salary: As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson earns a substantial salary. This includes his MP’s salary and additional income for his role as Prime Minister, which, combined, amount to over £150,000 annually.
  2. Book Deals: Boris Johnson has authored several books, including biographies and political commentaries. These books have been commercially successful, contributing significantly to his net worth.
  3. Journalism: Johnson’s contributions to various publications, including columns and articles, have been lucrative. His reputation as a prominent journalist allowed him to command high fees for his work.
  4. Speaking Engagements: The Prime Minister has also earned income from speaking engagements, where he shares his insights and experiences.

Financial Disclosures

It’s important to note that Boris Johnson, like all Members of Parliament, is required to disclose certain financial information. These disclosures provide a glimpse into his financial interests, including shareholdings and property ownership.

FAQs about Boris Johnson’s Net Worth

1. How did Boris Johnson amass his wealth?

Boris Johnson’s wealth primarily comes from his earnings as a writer, journalist, and politician. This includes his salary as Prime Minister, income from book deals, journalism, and speaking engagements.

2. Is Boris Johnson one of the wealthiest British Prime Ministers?

No, Boris Johnson’s net worth is relatively modest compared to some of his predecessors. While he is financially comfortable, he does not rank among the wealthiest Prime Ministers in British history.

3. Does Boris Johnson have any business interests?

Boris Johnson has disclosed various financial interests, including shareholdings in companies. However, the specifics of these interests can be complex and subject to change.

4. How much does Boris Johnson earn as Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson’s annual income as Prime Minister is approximately £150,000, which includes his salary as an MP and additional earnings for his role as Prime Minister.

5. What is the value of Boris Johnson’s book deals?

The exact value of Boris Johnson’s book deals varies, but they have contributed significantly to his net worth. Some of his books have been bestsellers.

6. Does Boris Johnson’s net worth include assets like property?

Yes, Boris Johnson has disclosed property ownership in his financial declarations. However, the details of these properties may change over time.


In conclusion, Boris Johnson’s journey from a journalist to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is nothing short of remarkable. While his net worth is substantial, it is not extraordinary in the context of British politics. His earnings as a writer, journalist, and politician have been the main contributors to his wealth. However, the intricacies of his finances continue to be a subject of interest and scrutiny.

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