Who Made the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finale

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Who Made the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finale


America’s Got Talent, often abbreviated as AGT, is a popular reality TV show that showcases a wide range of talents, from singing and dancing to magic and comedy. Every season, thousands of talented individuals from across the United States audition for a chance to win the coveted title and a million-dollar prize. In this article, we’ll delve into the journey of contestants who made it to the ‘America’s Got Talent’ finale, highlighting their remarkable talents and the impact they had on the show’s audience.

The Journey Begins: Auditions

The AGT journey starts with nationwide auditions that draw in performers of all ages and backgrounds. These initial auditions serve as the first filter, separating those with exceptional talent from the rest. Contestants brave the stage to showcase their abilities before a panel of celebrity judges. Some remarkable talents emerge during this phase, while others, although promising, may need a little more time to refine their acts.

Who Made the 'America's Got Talent' Finale

The Rising Stars

  1. Golden Buzzer Acts: One of the most thrilling moments in AGT auditions is when a judge hits the coveted Golden Buzzer. This action propels a contestant straight to the live shows, bypassing the next rounds of competition. These acts often become fan favorites.
  2. Hidden Gems: Not all finalists are Golden Buzzer recipients. Many finalists are selected based on the judges’ consensus, and their incredible performances in the audition round.

The Journey Continues: Judge Cuts and Quarterfinals

After impressing the judges in the auditions, the selected contestants move on to the Judge Cuts and Quarterfinals. Here, they face even tougher competition, as they vie for a spot in the live shows.

Navigating the Judge Cuts

  1. Judge’s Tough Decisions: The judges have the unenviable task of narrowing down the list of contestants. They must carefully choose those who have the potential to shine in the later stages of the competition.
  2. Wild Card Entries: Some contestants receive a second chance through the wild card entries, providing an opportunity for redemption.

The Grand Stage: Live Shows and Semifinals

The live shows are the heart of ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Contestants who make it this far have shown exceptional talent and captivated the audience with their performances.

Show-Stopping Acts

  1. Diverse Talents: AGT prides itself on its diversity, with contestants showcasing talents ranging from singing and dancing to extreme stunts and magic tricks.
  2. Fan Voting: Audience votes play a significant role in determining who progresses to the finals, making it a true people’s choice competition.

The Finale: Who Makes It?

As the competition intensifies, only a select few make it to the ‘America’s Got Talent’ finale. These finalists have not only wowed the judges but have also captured the hearts of viewers nationwide.

The Finalists

  1. Top 10 Acts: The grand finale typically features the top 10 acts from the season. These acts have consistently delivered outstanding performances.
  2. High Stakes: The pressure is immense in the finale, as contestants vie for the title and a million-dollar prize. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Impact on Contestants

Reaching the AGT finale is a life-changing experience for the contestants. It catapults them into the national spotlight and opens doors to incredible opportunities.

Life After AGT

  1. Career Boost: Finalists often see a significant boost in their careers, with offers for shows, tours, and collaborations pouring in.
  2. Inspiration: These contestants become an inspiration to aspiring talents, showing that dreams can come true with dedication and hard work.


The ‘America’s Got Talent’ finale is the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and outstanding performances. It showcases the incredible talents of individuals from diverse backgrounds and provides a platform for them to shine. The journey from auditions to the grand finale is a rollercoaster ride, and the finalists truly represent the best of the best.


  1. How are the judges selected for ‘America’s Got Talent’? The judges for AGT are typically well-known celebrities or industry professionals chosen for their expertise and ability to provide constructive feedback.
  2. Is the audience’s vote the sole determinant in the finale? While audience votes carry significant weight, the judges’ opinions also play a crucial role in the final decisions.
  3. Do contestants receive coaching or mentorship during the competition? Yes, contestants often receive guidance and mentorship from professionals in their respective fields to enhance their performances.
  4. What happens to contestants who don’t make it to the finale? Many contestants who don’t make it to the finale continue to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry, using their AGT experience as a stepping stone.
  5. Has AGT discovered any famous stars? Yes, several famous artists, including singers like Grace VanderWaal and comedians like Terry Fator, were discovered on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and have gone on to achieve great success.

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